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Through the eyes of a CSI

"Crouching Aiden, Hidden Burn"

28 October 1980
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Born and raised in Red Hook, Brooklyn Aiden Burn is right at home as a CSI in NYC. A chameleon, Aiden is able to fit in where ever she goes. Gifted and skilled in Anthropology Aiden specialized in skeletal identification and facial reconstruction.

Aiden loves her job, always looking forward to finding out what new and exciting clue the next piece of evidence will bring. She believes there's never a dull day to be a CSI. Now if she could only get them to serve Starbucks coffee in the break room...

Parts of this biography taken from http://www.cbs.com/primetime/csi_ny/bios/index.php?cast_member=vanessa

If You Want Me To by Ginny Owens

The pathway is broken
And the signs are unclear
And I don't know the reason why you brought me here
But just because you love me the way that you do
I'm gonna walk through the valley
If you want me to

Cuz I'm not who I was
When I took my first step
And I'm clinging to the promise you're not through with me yet
So if all of these trials bring me closer to you
Then I will go through the fire
If you want me to

It may not be the way I would have chosen
When you lead me through a world that's not my home
But you never said it would be easy
You only said I'll never go alone

So when the whole world turns against me
And I'm all by myself
And I can't hear you answer my cries for help
I'll remember the suffering your love put you through
And I will go through the valley
If you want me to

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A is for Amazing
I is for Ideal
D is for Dignified
E is for Elegant
N is for Neglected

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